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A really bad summer movie season = really enjoyable film reviews

I have not seen the tide turn on what most film observers have portrayed as a fairly dismal summer movie season.  Did I say dismal?  I meant atrocious.  And that is not me saying that because I have not yet … Continue reading

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Five Film Favorites: Blockbusters

Given the task of writing this week’s five film favorites, I thought about producing a list of my five favorite Terrence Malik films, but that would have been an easy cop-out.  Plus, I would have had to include The New … Continue reading

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It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine

There are, according to film critic Roger Ebert, 27 sequels being released in 2011. In a popular Time magazine article that’s making its way around the internet, Ebert laments the lack of imagination in Hollywood, and uses sequels–among other evidence–as … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert and The Joy of the Bad Review

When I am winding down at night I will, as so many other do, flip through an endless array of channels hoping to find a good movie. HBO, Cinemax, and other basic cable channels will have an array of films playing … Continue reading

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