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Five Film Favorites: My recommendations for the 18th James River Film Festival

There is simply too much good stuff at this year’s James River Film Festival to go and see.  Even if life did not encumber me with jobs, responsibilities, children, Tae Kwon Do lessons, birthday parties at Inflation Nation, and many … Continue reading

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Robert Mitchum still looks good

In his 1957 Essay, “The Face of Garbo,” French philosopher and theorist Roland Barthes remarked upon the magic and power of cinema to turn the human visage into something greater than how it is or can be regarded through normal, … Continue reading

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Five Film Favorites: One and Done

Our own Terry Rea is taking a break from “Five Film Favorites”, and far be it from us to drop this wonderful column. From here on out, we’re rotating writers, as each of us has a pile of “five’s” just … Continue reading

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What to Watch When You’re Watching At Home: The Friends of Eddie Coyle

Weary. That’s how I would describe Robert Mitchum. Even when he was a maniacal beast, as in Night of the Hunter or Cape Fear, he appeared to be carrying the weight of the world on those massive shoulders of his. … Continue reading

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