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From The Creator of THE TAINT, Drew Bolduc Assembles SCIENCE TEAM!

January 4, 2014 – On the frigid (yet I still believe in global warming) first Saturday of the year I journeyed with my friend Jeff Roll to Richmond’s historic movie house the Byrd Theater to take in a super secret … Continue reading

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The Red Violin: A Feast for the Senses

A Review by Jessica Lynn Norman Musical instruments come to us from many different origins. They pass through many different hands, they experience many different moments, and they leave behind a lasting impression on anyone who once possessed these tools … Continue reading

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Overlooking/ Looking Over Huston

When director John Huston died in 1987 during post-production of James Joyce’s The Dead, filmdom lost its last reigning monarch—for Huston was the last of the Hollywood lions, harking from D. W. Griffith through Howard Hawks and John Ford. But if … Continue reading

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Deep In the Woods : On the Set of Jim Stramel’s ‘Reviled’

What better way to usher in the Halloween season than to take you on the set of Jim Stramel’s upcoming zombie pit fighting web series “Reviled”. It took me over an hour to get to the remote set in the … Continue reading

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A Documentary Worth Getting Stung For by David Stover

Honeybees are not usually a topic of film discourse unless maybe it’s Irwin Allen’s The Swarm (1978) starring Michael Caine, Katharine Ross and a boat load of other famous tired actors. Honeybees have been in the media quite a bit … Continue reading

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Five Film Favorites: Documentaries

This week’s Five Film Favorites is courtesy of one of our regular readers, film goers and community members, Albert Green. When I recently put out a call for writers for Five Film Favorites — a weekly column conceived, authored and … Continue reading

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Todd Raviotta’s Interview with Crispin Hellion Glover

Today’s post is a link to local filmmaker Todd Raviotta’s very fine interview with Crispin Hellion Glover for RVA Magazine. If you haven’t heard, the James River Film Society brings Mr. Glover to The Byrd this Friday, December 3 at … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures by Mike White

Like a nutritionist gorging on junk food, there are films I enjoy despite knowing that they’re empty calories. I would call these films “guilty pleasures” except that I’m unabashed in my enjoyment of these empty cinematic calories.   I should know … Continue reading

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Richmond Responds to “Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel”

Submitted by Dale Brumfield, the man who unearthed Richmond’s “lost” movie, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel” for the recent August 30 screening at the Byrd. For more back story, check out Dale’s 8/17/2010 Style Weekly cover story. The setting is Hollywood’s … Continue reading

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Fair Use Victories on the DMCA | Center for Social Media

Here’s a great first post for the James River Film Journal — great news for documentary filmmakers, remixers, film/media studies/media literacy teachers and professors … In late July, another victory for common sense and fair use came from the Librarian … Continue reading

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