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Quick Canada Day Recommendation: Films by Sarah Polley

Last Canada Day, I recommended Sarah Polley’s brilliant Away From Her (2006), a remarkable and emotionally draining film based on an Alice Munro short story, “The Bear Came Over the Mountain.” This Canada Day, I recommend seeing any film by … Continue reading

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And So We Came to the End…

Once upon a time, 1995 to be precise, Pixar studios burst onto the scene with the surprising Toy Story. In the 17 years that followed, the studio created some of the most incredible animated films ever made. I will take … Continue reading

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Five Film Favorites: Those Uncomfortable Nudes

I’ve often said, in a mostly joking manner, that there’s never been a film made that wasn’t improved by nudity. Setting aside my lame attempts at humor, nudity adds, at the very least, an intense realism to movies. Now, I’m … Continue reading

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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Recommendation: The Queen

Even though I am a bit of an Anglophile, I still cannot get jazzed up over Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.  Maybe I rebel against the fact that most of the English-speaking world seems to be reveling in her reign in the … Continue reading

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Five (Not So) Film Favorites: Actors Who Try Too Hard

The idea for this piece came from the tail end of conversation between radio host Bob Edwards and Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten. For whatever reason, the final few minutes of their hour-long conversation turned to the acting abilities, or … Continue reading

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