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Five Film Favorites: The Sound of (Relative) Silence

Apropos of Jean Dujardin’s Oscar triumph last month, I’ve been pondering some of the great nearly silent performances in cinema. David Thomson once wrote (in an essay I can’t find for the life of me) about the limitations of silent … Continue reading

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Spring Training Recommendation: Eight Men Out

While attending a Super Bowl party over a month ago, I decided to thumb through my phone for any news. I saw a rumor that the Mariners were close to signing Hong-Chih Kuo. Kuo, late inning relief pitcher, had been an … Continue reading

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Five Film Favorites: Suffer the Children

How many great movies are there featuring children? Fewer than you’d think. I wonder, sometimes, if it’s because there’s a dearth of great child actors. After all, when I think of children in movies, the mind conjures up Disney Channel … Continue reading

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The Art of Practical Effects

As noted by my other entries, I am biased towards natural cinematography shot on motion picture film.  If it’s shot through a lens onto celluloid, count me in!  Recently, I have been thinking about a list of films with flawless … Continue reading

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