Five Film Favorites: My Picks At This Year’s JRFF

From Francoise Romand's 1985 documentary "Mix-up."

Every year, the James River Film Festival offers ample opportunities for memorable filmwatching.  The five films I’m most excited about catching at this year’s festival:

1. Mix-Up.  Two women mixed up at birth, raised by the wrong set of parents, find each other again = I’ve never heard of this movie, and I can’t wait to see it.

2. Taxi Driver.  You cannot not watch this film in 35mm.

3. Make-Up.  Joan Strommer was my filmmaking teacher in the pre-BFA VCU film department.  Having seen this once before, I’m looking forward to this wildly inventive look at a cosmetic party in one woman’s living room.

4. New Jerusalem.  The director of this film did some drywall work in my kitchen.  Stoked for his success and excited to see Will Oldham on screen again.

5. The Night Of The Hunter.  Essential cinema, required viewing.  Charles Laughton’s only film as director.


About Ward Howarth

Ward Howarth is a TV producer and writer based in Richmond, Virginia. He's generally gearing up for what they call "getting down."
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