Shades Of Grey: The Prowler

You will bow to The Prowler.

Written by blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo and directed by Joseph Losey, The Prowler is a dark, subversive look at the desire for status and success.

Van Heflin’s shady patrolman responds to Evelyn Keyes’ housewife’s routine prowler call. A few looks between them and memories spark – turns out they’re from the same town!

Heflin returns for a follow-up visit and gets the chit-chat going. His sports career went nowhere, so he settled on law enforcement. Her acting dreams fizzled, so she settled for a husband with a cushy crib. But, hubby works the night shift at the radio station, leaving only his voice to keep her company at night.

Until now.

They couple in sin until Heflin calls it off. She won’t leave her husband, and he won’t keep hiding. She begs for him to stay with her at night, but he refuses.

About this time, prowler disturbance #2 occurs, but further plot description would spoil the experience. Rather, see The Prowler for yourself, courtesy of the Film Noir Foundation‘s exquisite DVD release. Besides the pristine image and sound quality, the disc comes with a how-they-made-it documentary, a look at the film by well-known French director Bertrand Tavernier, and audio commentary by the Czar of Noir, Eddie Muller.

Not just a wild noir, but a wild movie, The Prowler‘s punch stings long after it lands.


About Ward Howarth

Ward Howarth is a TV producer and writer based in Richmond, Virginia. He's generally gearing up for what they call "getting down."
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