Shades Of Grey: T-Men

Knockout images from an indelible noir.

Two treasury men slip undercover to expose a lethal counterfeiting operation.

Dutch angles, deep focus, and hard faces linger long after the end credits roll.

T-Men‘s cinematographer John Alton once said, “I could see in the dark.”

T-Men‘s die-hard agents: duty before self.  Justice will be served.


Anthony Mann directed T-Men in 1947.  Find it on TCM, Netflix, and DVD.


About Ward Howarth

Ward Howarth is a TV producer and writer based in Richmond, Virginia. He's generally gearing up for what they call "getting down."
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2 Responses to Shades Of Grey: T-Men

  1. thstarkweather says:

    Those are wonderful stills. Beautiful.

    • Ward Howarth says:

      Thanks! I’m toying with the post format a bit, thanks for commenting.

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