Celia Maysles’ “Wild Blue Yonder” on DVD

As as followup to my September 1 post about the U.S. TV premier of 2010 James River Film Festival guest Celia Maysles’ film Wild Blue Yonder — and in case you missed both the JRFF screening and the TV viewing opportunities — I wanted to let you know that the DVD is now available through the Documentary Channel. Also on the site is a wonderful interview with Celia — definitely worth a read whether you’ve seen the film or not. If you haven’t seen the film, I want to implore, urge, and cajole you … please see this film, with one caveat: if you’ve never seen any of her dad’s films, I’d recommend seeing Salesman, Grey Gardens (1975), or Gimme Shelter first. Really all you have to decide is whether you are in the mood for a film about Bible salesmen, a reclusive mother/daughter duo living in a decaying mansion, or the Rolling Stones. I noticed there are links to watch both Salesman and Grey Gardens on their respective IMDB pages (linked above). If you prefer, you can head on over to your local video store (here in Richmond, VA that would be Video Fan) or your local public and/or university library (I’ll bet they have them). If you love the movies — no, if you love life — you won’t be disappointed.

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