Fair Use Victories on the DMCA | Center for Social Media

Here’s a great first post for the James River Film Journal — great news for documentary filmmakers, remixers, film/media studies/media literacy teachers and professors …

In late July, another victory for common sense and fair use came from the Librarian of Congress, acting on recommendations from Copyright Office. The latest ruling on exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act greatly expands access to encrypted, copyrighted works for fair use purposes.

Now, college teachers of all kinds, university film and media studies students, documentary filmmakers, and makers of noncommercial videos can all break encryption on commercial DVDs to quote motion pictures, for the purpose of criticism and comment.  Breaking encryption is the kind of thing you do with HandBrake and other software programs that let you copy material that the provider has digitally “locked.” The DMCA makes illegal most breaking of encryption for any purpose; however, every three years the Copyright Office can grant exemptions for petitioners who suffer adverse effects from the law.

For the complete post visit the link below to the Center for Social Media. The full post includes links to the text of the ruling as well as the codes of best practices in fair use — wonderful information and tools to be aware of.

via Fair Use Victories on the DMCA | Center for Social Media.

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